Thursday, April 22, 2010

Election Primer A to Z: 'A' is for Airport

'A' is for Airport, & more specifically the Airport Enquiry on which millions of dollars were spent and no report to date. One has to assume that the Commision of Enquiry found little or else the PM would have used any adverse findings to nail his own mother to a cross. After three years of waiting, a copy was finally leaked to media and contained no smoking guns. Another waste of tax-payer dollars on hyperbole & speculation? And another reminder that we have incompetent blowhards in charge of the Treasury.

Airport should also remind us about the recently constructed Private Hangar at Piarco (It cost you, the taxpayer, $200M and was constructed in six weeks with no parliamentary approval or oversight), the Project Pride fiasco (yeah Mrs Manning you really thought that 'Breakfasses' would make us forget that), and of course, the paving fiasco where $130M was spent to lay a new tarmac at Piarco and it was subsequently found to be sub-standard. In spite of Minister Imbert's promises the contractor was never made to pay- in fact he 'won' the contract to correct the works a few weeks later and at a considerably higher sum than he was paid the first time. Must be great being a contractor in T&T - provided the PM approves of you of course!
Its time to wake up and TAKE BACK the Government!

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