Thursday, January 14, 2010

25 Things that you probably don't know about me (10 things that you wish you never knew!)

As this is the first entry of my blog, I thought that I would save myself the bother of choosing one of my many random thoughts to go with and instead re-cycle something old that would still serve as some form of apt introduction to me as well as to what makes me tick. Lets dive in shall we:
0. I have never blogged before.
1. I was complete wuss as a child growing up. So much so that I would probably kick my own ass if I travelled back in time and met up with myself.
2. I obviously believe in some romanticized notion of time travel. Probably has everything to do with me watching the movies 'Slaughterhouse Five', 'Back to the Future' and 'The girl, the watch and everything'. The former and the latter before I was twelve.
3. I endured very few limits while I was growing and consequently a) got into to trouble way too often and b) grew up way too fast!
4. I sometimes have vivid dreams that ARE movies. I'm not even in these dreams but they play just like movies and are usually quite entertaining.
5. I had a recurring nightmare about Cookie Monster until I was like eight.
6. I was terrified of scary movies until I was eleven and started reading Stephen King books and watched Friday the 13th with an older girl (gotta play brave for the honies!). Before that the mere sound of the theme to Dark Shadows could reduce me to tears.
7. If I could live anywhere in the world- anywhere at all - it would be San Francisco - I really did leave my heart there.
8. And I'd love to own a vineyard in Nappa too.
9. I have this notion that tending to a grapevine will help me to stay connected to my Grandparents. (Perhaps this is the year that I plant one. :)
10. I often think of my Tita and Jido. They are still my favorite people in the whole world. I love them so much even now.
11. I drink alot less now than I did then......even now I'm not sure if I could have another vodka and coconut water. I might just say yes to a bottle of Pinotage or Pinot Grigio however.
12. Even now - vodka is the breakfast of champions.
13. I would love to entertain the idea of being independently wealthy. (I'd retire tomorrow if I can find the right sponsor.)
14. My dream jobs are: Movie maker, model scout, photographer, and novelist (though not in that order!)
15. When I was a boy the answers for no 14 ranged from actor to astronomer to surgeon to writer....and then I came crashing back to earth.
16. I really am sorry if I've ever been a jerk to you.
17. I used to be the biggest Duran Duran fan. I can still sing along to every song they made before 1995.
18. I cant stand this obsession with 80s music. I already lived through that. Give me someting new.
19. I can proudly say that I have seen Sting, Sarah McLachlan, and the Dave Matthews Band (and others) in concert in my lifetime. The first two I've seen twice! I will see U2 and the Police before the book is closed.
20. The smell of Noxema still transports me back to a time when I was four.
21. The last song that I sang at Karaoke was the Killers' 'When you were young'. Apparently I rocked!
22. I love sushi - although I never really ate fish until 15 years ago!
23. I'm a cat person who just happens to own a dog right now. It still surpises me just how much I love that little rascal that we rescued from the pound.
24. I'm a Spermologer that is to say that I'm a sponge for useless information and trivia.
25. I'm actually far shyer and more socially inept than I lead on.
26. I love traditional Carnival (Bookman is my favorite character) and I still think that old style Calypso was the best (the Mighty Spoiler was brilliant!)
27. If I was a muppet I would be Gonzo the great; if I was a disney Character I'd be Tigger.
28. I have strong opinions on just about everything. (Again, I apologize if I've ever been an asshole to you.)
29. One day I will - be published; visit Lebanon; have a child; learn to swim; learn to be comfortable in my own skin; lose those extra pounds; run a marathon; and swim with the dolphins.
30. My favorite books are 1984, The Catcher in the Rye and the Stranger by Camus. My favorite movies are the Godfather, Fight Club and Alien 3. I watch the latter on my birthday every year - and I couldnt tell you why.
31. I sometimes cry when I watch baseball movies such as Field of Dreams and Eight Men out - even though I have never played an inning in my life.
32. I was there in the Queen's Park Oval the afternoon that England finshed on 40 for 8 after the most amazing hour and a half of cricket I have ever witnessed.
33. Even though I live on an island I dont go to the beach nearly enough.
34. Some advice for my unborn son: 1) Never trust anyone who refers to himself in the third person or who is known by a name that does not appear on his /her birth certificate; 2) The three biggest scams in the universe are banking, insurance and religion - if you have to choose one make sure its the latter; 3) Life is too short for bad company or bad wine.
35. I'm afraid to change it all even if I could because then I wouldn't be ME. Now would I?

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