Friday, January 15, 2010

Poetry Break # 1: Like Code

In honour of the Derek Walcott 70th Birthday Celebrations now on at the University of the West Indies (he's doing a book signing this evening!), I thought that I would post one of my poems for your consumption. That said, this is in no way as epic as Omeros and I pray that no one tries to decipher it as if it were a Rorshach, but still please leave me your impressions. At its worst, I hope you enjoy it. Its called 'Like Code'.

Crows sit perched
On lamp-posts.

They swing by,

past me -


I see one alone and

Then two,

And four.

Shadows against
The eastern sun
Like breaks in the transmission,
Tapping out
Messages in code.

I want to close my eyes

And surrender
This wheel
For a ride
In the back
Of a big,
Black car.


Sticky sweet
With honey
For you honey
With hidden guilt
And shame,

Is nothing more
Than a distant taste
Of kind words
Of reconsolation

From my tongue
Like breaks in the transmission

Like code.

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