Monday, May 10, 2010

Election Primer A - Z: 'J' is for Judiciary

The copy of the op-ed piece above provides a perspective into just one of the ways that the PM and the President may or may not have acted wrongly in the handling of the entire Justice Sharma matter. No matter how you look at it, the PM successfully outfoxed, stone-walled and hounded the Chief Justice out of office over (his) allegations of bias.

Allegations which involved some level of collusion (?) with the Chief Magistrate who himself should at some point be made to respond to accusations of using undue influence in one matter in exchange for political suasion in a financial matter involving him and a land deal valued at $2M.

Even beyond this, the dispensation of justice has been severely hamstrung under a PNM government: court dates are still being made years in advance and the Judiciary as an institution is being routinely starved of funding for the items that it requires to improve and evolve. So convinced is the PM of the inability of the Judiciary to remain independent and unbiased (against the PNM of course) that he has taken to advocating for a Ministry of Justice as part of his Manning Constitution that will all but surely eliminate any semblance of the separation of powers that we have at our disposal or rather to best protect us against the effects of an unchecked executive. Volney matter aside the storm has been long brewing.

So frustrating is the matter in fact that the Chief Justice himself has been given cause to complain about the interference of the Executive:,107527.html

Wake up people, an independent Judiciary is an important pillar of the rights and freedoms that you enjoy. And this Government is trying its hardest to debase its value and importance on the first part and to rob you of it in the next. BEWARE. Vote DEM out!

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