Saturday, May 15, 2010

Election Primer A - Z: 'L' is for Legislative Agenda

If one positive could be spared for the PNM's legislative agenda this past decade, it would be that if they exhibited the legislative zeal that they did for the things that mattered to them (the TTRA Bill, Property Tax Ammendment, legislation to allow the PM to fly the coat of arms on his official vehicle) on the issues that truly mattered to the public at large, then this country would be well on its way to being a First World Nation.

Unfortunately, the old adage applies: show me your legislative agenda and I can tell who your friends are. This government has been notoriously weak both in terms of enactment and enforcement. I mean, can they really lay claim to having a legislative agenda?

When we look back at the pieces of legislation that have been laid in parliament, their almost ad-hoc introduction and the lack of entusiasm shown to the OHSA bill, the Child Rights Act and even the delay on the Breathalyser Bill isnt it patently obvious that they dont give a f#$% about the average man on the street.

Do they even really have a plan if they can point to no draft legislation that backs it up? Case in point: the IFC. We've been hearing about the IFC for five years now and the legislation that would facilitate its creation as well as provide for the organizations that are supposedly being targeted by it still does not exist. WTF, You say? Well get in line.

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