Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Election Primer A - Z: 'K' is for Kamla

As has become common-place in democracies around the world, election contests have become less about finding Mr or Ms Right and more about finding Mr or Ms Right Now. I would not say that Kamla is the best possible choice for leader of this country but given the crop of individuals given to a public life, she is by far the best choice.

Many of the criticisms leveled against Kamla so far, are similar to the ones made of a certain one term senator from Illinois who opted to take that first step on his personal journey to world change. What she does have going for her is the fact that she is a bright, accomplished woman, who is not the present incumbent, and of course that the people simply want change.

There are no guarantees that Kamla's brand of change will be sustainable or will in the long term prove to be to our benefit. In the end, her participation in our Government will be determined by FAITH.

We really arent ever 100% sure what it is we are getting when we walk out of that polling station on election day. Conservatives who voted for Bush in 2000 had no idea that the world would have changed so dramatically inside of 18 months. Similarly, many of us feel betrayed by the Manning administration not only because its been soft on crime and long winded in execution but because we invested a certain degree of faith in confirming his selection in 2001 in the GE of 2002.

We believed thenthat a change was required to put an end to the spectre of corruption that haunted the then administration and unfortunately he was not the best knight for the job of slaying the dragon - he was the only choice available to us.

And now again in 2010, the tables have turned. Corruption has once again become the rallying cry of the day and we must place our faith in the only option that is available to us at this time. Its the democratic way.

Why reward for non-performance, empty-promises and lies? And should the tides once again shift in the future, then my advice to everyone would be to exercise your franchise once again in the HOPE and in FAITH that all things wrong could be set right.

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