Friday, July 9, 2010

Early Notices: Inception

Inception, or the film that in time will be remembered as Christopher Nolan's Inception, won't be officially released for another week, but already the buzz surrounding it has been phenonemal. Ever since the first teaser trailer hit the screen (and the internet) last August, I have literally been counting down the days until next Friday.

Not only does the film look like a visually amazing, mind-bending trip BUT more importantly its written and directed by no less an 'Auteur' than Christopher Nolan. A fact that will almost ensure that this movie will be 'all meat and no filler'. Inception looks like its James Bond meets Dark City meets Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. This movie will play with your head for days on end.

And the advance word on this movie seems to confirm all the hype and the hope of the last ten months. Already Inception is being hailed as Nolan's greatest masterpiece. And its star, Leonardo Di Caprio is being sized up for Oscar glory next March.

For the uninitiated, Christopher Nolan is the acclaimed film-maker of such films as the Dark Knight, Insomnia and the Prestige. But for me, it will always be a film called Memento that I will forever associate with Nolan's brilliance. If he can be that provocative on a budget that small then he must be that good.

In short, if you have never seen Memento - see it now. If you've never purchased a DVD (a real DVD and not from the DVD lady at the end of your street) then this is a better place than many to start your home collection. You WILL want to watch this movie over and over again - Or at least until next week, when Inception invades cinemas and takes over your mind.

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