Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot Bitch of the Day - Rusty

Today's Hot Bitch of the Day is named Rusty. Now let me make this abunduntly clear: as much as he wants to be your bitch (boy; loving companion) he is not so prepared to say a permanent goodbye to his boy parts. Yes, today's HBOTD is a B-O-Y.

Rusty is a ridgeback mix an dis three years old. Which means he's got lots of energy to fill your days and lots of years left to give good service and unconditional love. Unfortunately, his parents are moving away and Rusty needs a new crib to cool his heels. On the plus side, he is well trained, has gotten all his shots, comes with his own house (see pic) and has a plethora of fun toys to play with.

So, if you are interested in opening your heart and home up to Rusty, why not give him a call at 344-3271 or 687-7895. Rusty is waiting to love you. :)

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